Puff Pastry

Puff pastry

Gluten Free

The puff pastry is not belong into the simple preparation. When you read the recipe, you will think it is too hard to do it. Maybe in the first time you will get some experience and the second times you will make easily. The essence, with the multiple folding the dough will be layered, and it will be puff. Mainly the flour and the butter are the raw material. Very important that the cold temperature is necessary for the dough. All the butter, and water and a rest of ingredients has to be cold. The room need to be cold where we will leave the pasty.


Buttery part

390 g butter

45 g  gluten free self raising white flour

Dough part

450 g gluten free self raising white flour

2 tea spoon phyllium husks

2 tea spoon milled chia seed

2 tea spoon buckwheat flour

45 g butter

4 egg yolk

2,5 table spoon vinegar

265 ml water


Approximately 100-150 g gluten free self raising white flour



Measure the butter and the flour into the little bowl. Mix together. After leave it in the fridge for 20 min.


Now we will make a dough. In the big bowl we measure the flour, and put the chia seed, buckwheat , phyllium husk in to the flour. Salt is not necessary if you use salted butter.


Add the egg yolk and the butter in to the mixed flour.


When add the vinegar and the water in the mixture you can make a dough.




In the beginning your dough is very sticky but use more flour. The dough is ready when our hands and the bowl are clean. Leave the dough in the cold room for 20 min.


After the 20 min roll out the dough. And put the buttery part in the middle.


Next step is the folding. First take the upper part of pasta and fold in the buttery part after do the same with the lower part.



It is folded over the two side part.


13Dilate the dough. If it is too hard / because the buttery part is hard/ you can push a little bite after it will be easily work with it. If you are ready, the folding coming again.



Grab the lower and upper part and fold into the middle.



After folding in half, and one more time. After leave it for 20 minute.




You need do the folding twice. Always sprinkle flour under the dough. Because the dough is little bite sticky.

After the twice folding the pasta is ready.

You can bake salty or sweet cake with this pasta. It depends on your taste.

Good work with it


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