Vanilla Custard/Pudding

Vanilla Custard/ Pudding


300g glucose

5 eggs yolk

7 table spoon gluten free flour ( Doves Farm Plain white flour )

200g  fresh cream + 800g water ( instead of milk )

1 table spoon vanilla glucose

( In a jar I put glucose and a few used vanilla pods. The glucose taste changed after 2 weeks. The passage of time the taste will better and better. Constantly put more glucose into it. It useful for years. )



In a saucepan we put the glucose and the egg yolks and the flour. After mix together. Mix together the cream and the water. After constantly pour into the mixture flour. Stir lumps.





Heat gently, it begins to bubble, you need stir constantly. The vanilla pudding is ready when it is nice and smooth.




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