Gluten free bread


320g Doves Farm Gluten Free self raising
60g buckhweat
10g chia seed
2 tea spoon psyllium husk
2 tea spoon salt


50g butter
1 egg yolk

350ml “milk” for me = 50ml cream and 300ml water
2 tea spoon glucose into the milk

2 big tea spoon dried gluten free yeast

Start to heating the milk. Do not be very warm!!! But do not be cold because the yeast won’t works.
About 200ml put into a big cup, put the yeast into and mix it a bit and cover.



And after 5 minutes the yeast is ready:


Than start to heating the butter.

Mix the dry ingredients.
And mix with a melted butter.

If the yeast is ready put into. and mixed carefully.

Mixed an egg yolk with a little “milk”and then add to the dough and slowly adding the milk into just not all together.
You should use a bigger spoon for mixing, because that is how you put some air in the dough.
Than you can get soft, dense dough, as pancake.


And a bit heating the pan, just won’t be cold.

Than cover the loaf tin, and leave in a warm place for 10-15 min. to raise the dough.
When it raised approx. double size than put it into the hot owen.
The first 10 min. on 250 Celsius than 200 Celsius for 11 min.



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