Hungarian dessert/Somlói galuska

Chop the walnuts and almonds. Before you start everything.

Sponge part


450 g Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain white flour blend

220 g glucose

3 g Doves Farm Baking Powder

3 g Bicarbonate of Soda

2 egg yolk

100g melted butter

50 g fresh cream

350 g water

2 table spoon cocoa powder

Put the flour, glucose, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda in the big bowl. Mix the water, fresh cream, egg yolk, and melted butter in other bowl. ( Be careful that the butter is not too hot. ) Add the liquid mixture in to the flour mixture. Mix the two mixture together with the wooden spoon. Then beat the mixture until you have smooth, creamy  mixture ( like batter). Separate half of the batter and mix with cocoa powder. After put the two batter in different baking tray. Bake the two mixture in the oven ( 180 C) for 30 minutes. The sponge is risen when it has golden brown and double in size. When the two sponge are cold. Cut them like small cubes.

Make the custard part.

Vanilla and cocoa custard


300g glucose

5 eggs yolk

7 table spoon gluten free flour ( Doves Farm Plain white flour )

200g  fresh cream + 800g water ( instead of milk )

1 table spoon vanilla glucose

1 table spoon cocoa powder

( In a jar I put glucose and a few used vanilla pods. The glucose taste changed after 2 weeks. The passage of time the taste will better and better. Constantly put more glucose into it. It useful for years. )


In a saucepan we put the glucose and the egg yolks and the flour. After mix together. Mix together the cream and the water. After constantly pour into the mixture flour. Stir lumps.

Heat gently, it begins to bubble, you need stir constantly. The custard is ready when it is nice and smooth. After separate the half part and mix with cocoa powder. Finally you get two different taste custard.

Make the caramel syrup

Caramel syrup


100g glucose

300ml cold water

Put the glucose in to the pan and start heating. After a few minute and the glucose starts melting. When the liquid glucose’s colour is gold, slowly add the water in to it. Be careful do not burn yourself. Because when mix together the hot and cold part the hot stream are formed.


When everything is ready. Use a big bowl and on the under put a few cubes from the two different sponge. Pour the little caramel syrup on the sponge. After pour a little vanilla custard into it. On the vanilla custard put a few crushed walnuts and almonds, and sultanas. The next level the sponge again. Pour the sponge with the syrup. After pour the cocoa custard in to the sponge. The following the walnuts and the sultanas again. Make this process until everything will be run out.

Before you eat put the whipping cream on the top.



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