My name is Marietta. I am not a chef, but I like cooking and baking. And I love to  eat a delicious meal. I live in Ireland with my partner and my sister. We are therapist. We help for the people improvement in well-being.

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Our life chance when we met with our teachers András Kovács Magyar and his wife Ildikó Kovács Magyar. They made a new program called Matrix Drops Protocol and teached us, how we can live a healthier life. We also teach the same method in our clinic. Myself, and my family live our life by Matrix Drops Protocol. We chanced, our diet about nine years. We eat gluten free in six years.

Every beginning is hard because you do not know how you can start. Why we made this blog. We would like to show you it is no problem to made, your favourite meal free from all. And we would like to give a few tips and new recipes.